terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

NEOPHITUS (Death Metal) New Line Up????

Nas próximas semanas a Neophitus estará anunciando o new Line Up, quem serão os novos integrantes a se juntarem a Alex Pinho (Vocals) e Nando Morais (Drums) nessa nova empreitada ???? Fiquem atentos, será revelado em breve!!!

NEOPHITUS Started its march in May, 2000. The band arises with the purpose to execute a technical Brutal Death Metal, with cadenced and morbid passages. Its lyrics are based in horror tales, necrophilia, pedophilia, rapes followed by death, serial killers, atrocities, approaching the dark side of human mind, all feelings that move human being, such as hate , pain, betrayal and the total war against Christianity. In June, 2001, the Demo Tape entitled "Ominous" (Live Sessions) was launched and, in October, 2002, the horde participated of "Rock Soldiers..9", with the song "Malign Spirit", distributed in Brazil by UGK Discos and in Europe by Murray Art, from German. The Cast nowadays is: Alex (vocals) and Nando (drums) At the moment, the is working on new compositions to launch new materials. Hail True Brazilian Death Metal ... We don't escape the war!!!