quarta-feira, 15 de maio de 2013

Neophitus Brazilian Perverse Death Metal 13 anos de árduas batalhas

A Horda Neophitus neste mês de maio completa 13 anos de estrada e junto com os guerreiros fãs e banger´s comemora essa data com muito orgulho! ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ NEOPHITUS (version inglish) NEOPHITUS Started its march in May, 2000. The band arises with the purpose to execute a technical Brutal Death Metal, with cadenced and morbid passages. Its lyrics are based in horror tales, necrophilia, pedophilia, rapes followed by death, serial killers, atrocities, approaching the dark side of human mind, all feelings that move human being, such as hate , pain, betrayal and the total war against Christianity. In June, 2001, the Demo Tape entitled "Ominous" (Live Sessions) was launched and, in October, 2002, the horde participated of "Rock Soldiers..9", with the song "Malign Spirit", distributed in Brazil by UGK Discos and in Europe by Murray Art, from German. The Cast nowadays is: Alex (vocals) and Nando (drums) At the moment, the is working on new compositions to launch new materials. Hail True Brazilian Death Metal ... We don't escape the war!!! ____________________________________________________ (version portuguese) Horda formada em maio de 2000 com o intuto de executar death metal brutal com passagens cadenciadas e mrbidas em junho de 2001 lanam a demo intitulada ominous (live sessions) com 5 sons e com tima repercursso no cenrio underground em outubro de 2002, a horda participa de coletaneas como rock soldiers#9 e corpse rotten 1 no momento a banda se prepara para gravar novo material a ser lanado em 2007 NO FUGIMOS GUERRA!!! ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ NEOPHITUS REVERBNATION www.reverbnation.com/neophitusbrazilianperversedeathmetal ___________________________________________________ MYSPACE www.myspace.com/neophitusbrazilianperversedeathmetal ___________________________________________________ PUREVOLUME www.purevolume/neophitus ___________________________________________________ E mail neophitusdeathmetal@gmail.com __________________________________________________ NEOPHITUS www.fotolog.com/neophitus _________________________________________________ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Neophitus-Death-Metal-Band/153118548042361 _________________________________________________ Orkut http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Profile?uid=6006743513012968702 _________________________________________________ COMUNIDADE http://www.orkut.com.br/Main#Community?cmm=10883622 ________________________________________________