segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

Deifecation Death Metal (Holanda)

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Genero Death Metal ___________________________________________________ Estado Ativa ___________________________________________________ Formou-se 1998 ___________________________________________________ País Holanda (Enschede, Overijssel) ___________________________________________________ Line-up Atual Iwan Heskamp : Guitarra Willem Brus : Vocais Jan Ziljstra : Guitarra Floris Velthuis : Bateria Marijn de Zeeuw : Baixo ___________________________________________________ Dystopian Anthropotagonism (Démo - 2001) Reciprocreation (CD - 2004) Cathartic Octogenaricide (EP - 2008) ___________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ Website Oficial : __________________________________________________ Deifecation is an old-school death metal band from Enschede, The Netherlands. It all began as a jam-project in de summer of 1998, but in a few months time this project, consisting of four members (Willem vocals, Gijs drums, Liwu bass and Iwan guitar), evolved into an actual band called Deifecation. After a number of local performances the band achieved its first success by winning the preliminary round of the Grote Prijs van Drienerlo. At this stage the bands live performances had already made quite an impression on the local metal heads and were invited to play at the Flatrock99 festival. A successful gig resulted in immediate confirmation for Flatrock2000. Soon after came appearances in Hengelo (Dolly Pop Festival & Cerberus) and Enschede (Bevrijdingsfestival & Bata444-festival). The so-called Twente Assault Tour - with punk-metal-chaos band LikmnReet - reached its climax with both bands Pro-Demo achievements in Atak (Enschede). As a logical result of the bands progression came the need for a second guitar player, and Jan was added to the line-up. At the opening night of the Enschedese Head Bangers Organisatie (EHBO) the band appeared on stage as a formation of 5 for the first time; a change that got a warm reception from the familiar crowd. The bands real baptism of fire, however, was still to come. Playing at the Metalfest VII in Zutphen, for the first time without the support of their extensive home crowd, they did well. ____________________________________________________ Unfortunately, Gijs en Liwu both decided to leave the Netherlands in the summer of 2000 and new musicians had to be found to replace them. Marco (bass) and Stuif (drums) agreed to fill the empty slots, which gave the band renewed vigour to start working on material for their planned demo. In March 2001 they recorded the Dystopian Anthropotagonism-demo at Ground Zero studios in Zutphen. Soon after recording was completed Marco left the band, which allowed him to focus more his other band Extreem Eczeem. Luckily, Marijn gladly agreed to take over his duties on bass and provide a smooth transition to the present line-up. The Dystopian Anthropotagonism-demo was released in December 2001. ____________________________________________________ Supporting the release of this demo the band focused on performing live: not keeping to susceptible gig-worthy patches of native soil, but boldly crossing the borders into Germany and Belgium to show what they are capable of as a live band. ____________________________________________________ Their productivity didn't cease however: 11 all-new songs were ready to be recorded at the end of 2003. Soon after recording the band teamed up with Germany-based Unstoppable Media to release their first full-length album named "Reciprocreation". ____________________________________________________ Soon after, Stuif decided to call it a day after four years of intense band activities. Floris stepped in to fill the gap and after just a few weeks time he played a hell of a gig at the Stage Blast Brutal Festival. After a year of showing off his capabilities it was time to record new material and “Cathartic Octogenaricide” was born. ____________________________________________________